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The Road Goes On…

You are racing at 75 mph across a dried out lake bed -sitting on the roof of a Land Rover, or you are gliding through a Technicolor underwater paradise, dodging “toothless” sharks, or maybe you are staring a full grown lion right in the eye at 6:00 in the morning, wondering if he’s had breakfast yet.

Perhaps you prefer to cloak and dagger it across a heavily contested border, or wander the streets of a strange city in the quiet hours after midnight looking for bit of authenticity, or mischief.

If any of this tickles you at all, or describes your most recent travels, then you’re one of us.  Enter and share your stories, your adventures.  Give others a taste of your hard earned wisdom.  Offer up some advice on dangers to avoid -or better yet, perils to rush into.

Welcome Home, The Journey Awaits.